Belfast is up for seven Oscars – but how has the film gone down in the city?

“It’s my first film,” explains Jude Hill, “and I got to work with all these amazing people.”

The 11-year-old actor, who plays Buddy in Sir Kenneth Branagh‘s Belfast, is taking Hollywood by storm – but he knows the city best placed to judge the movie.

“Everyone I’ve met loved the film and I just love hearing that coming from actual people from Belfast,” he tells Sky News. “It’s just that little, tiny bit of reassurance we all need that we’ve done it good.”

Jude, whose talent was first spotted by his speech and drama teacher Shelley Lowry, knew little of the city’s troubled past when he auditioned.

“Mum and dad talked to me about the Troubles,” he said. “Normally, a kid my age wouldn’t know about them unless their parents or grandparents were affected by it in some way.

“But I didn’t get too into the subject because Belfast doesn’t really focus on the political side. It just shows this family in sort of turmoil.”

The film, also starring Ciaran Hinds, Jamie Dornan, Caitriona Balfe and Dame Judi Dench, has been nominated for seven Oscars.

Shot in black and white, it is a semi-autobiographical take on Branagh’s younger years, witnessing the outbreak of sectarian violence through the eyes of a child.

‘It was our childhood and it takes you back’

Lesley Ann Brown, who grew up around the corner, was stunned to see her grandmother’s grocery shop on the screen.

“He would have been in and out picking up stuff for his parents,” she said. “Yes, my sister was crying almost, you know the park, the school, down into the river. It was our childhood and it takes you back.”

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Kate Nicholl says she’s privileged to be the Lord Mayor of Belfast at a time when the film is putting the city on the world stage.

“Belfast is what it is because of the people of the city and their personal stories,” she said. “But to celebrate the talent that comes from this place… and the opportunities that young people now have in Belfast. How different it is to that Belfast that Kenneth Branagh grew up in.”

Jude, who has revealed that he helped Dame Judi master the Belfast accent, says he has to pinch himself every day.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, but I love it.”

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