Waze says it’s added EV chargers to its map, but it’s still sending me to gas stations [Update]

It looks like Google-owned navigation app Waze is finally going to make it possible to add your EV and plug type into its app to find EV chargers along your route – but when, exactly?

I have two EVs: a VW with a J1772 plug and one with a Tesla plug. Sometimes I use Waze on Apple CarPlay in the VW, so I’m really glad Waze is launching this. (It’s not necessary to use Waze in a Tesla to find EV chargers, of course.)

Waze says in its news announcement today that its new EV charging station feature is coming “starting today,” and it also says it “will roll out globally over the coming weeks.”

So I went into Settings, then to Vehicle Details. I tapped Vehicle type and then selected Electric.

Waze writes that “you’ll be able to enter your electric vehicle (EV) car and plug type into the Waze app to find relevant EV charging stations along your route.”

Despite having selected Electric as my Vehicle type, my app is still asking me for preferred gas type, not for plug type. There is nowhere to enter a plug type. It also still has Gas Stations as an option in Settings, which contains Preferred gas type and Preferred brand of gas.

I’ve tapped in a couple of driving routes – one to Boston Logan Airport and one to a relative’s house in Pennsylvania. No sign of EV chargers on the routes. It’s still giving me the option to search for Gas.

If I just type in “EV charger,” then it will route me to the nearest EV chargers, but that’s not how the new feature is supposed to work.

Waze writes in its news announcement:

Whether you’re preparing for a long summer road trip or heading across town to a soccer game, you can rest assured Waze will help you find a charging station along the way.

But you’re not doing that yet, Waze – at least not for me.

So here’s the deal: If you’re going to make an announcement that “electric vehicle charging stations are now on the Waze map,” then at least say where in the world they’re actually on the map.

Because they aren’t on any routes I’m selecting in the Northeastern US yet, and that’s disappointing.

March 15 update: A Waze spokesperson contacted me today and clarified exactly when the EV charging station feature is coming to the US, and where it’s already available:

The EV feature will be available to all US users by mid-April.

The feature is already available in Albania, Bosnia, Brazil, Chile, Estonia, Hungry, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, New Zealand, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, and Sweden.

Thanks, Waze.

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