Siemens Gamesa has designed an onshore wind turbine just for the US market

Siemens Gamesa has created a new onshore wind turbine that’s specially designed for US weather conditions – here’s what makes it unique.

The Spanish-German wind giant says that its bespoke US onshore wind turbine “has the right design profile to maximize revenues by harnessing the wind conditions most common in the US and features a design lifetime longer than the industry standard.” The SG 44.164 lifetime is 25 years, whereas the standard lifetime of a wind turbine is 20 years.

The wind turbine has a rated power of 4.4 megawatts (MW) and its flexible power rating is site specific. It has a rotor diameter of 164 meters (538 feet) and a swept area of 21,124 square meters (227,377 square feet). Each blade is 81 meters (266 feet) long.

The company is casting blades at its factory in Iowa and assembling nacelles – that’s the cover housing that contains all of generating components, including the generator, gearbox, drive train, and brake assembly – in Kansas so that the SG.44164 qualifies for the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act incentives.

Siemens Gamesa says the SG 44.164 meets the US’s unique site and logistics requirements. Its single-piece blades, nacelles, and drive trains can all be transported by rail.

Shannon Sturgill, CEO of onshore North America for Siemens Gamesa, says:

With a country the size of the US, we take into account the unique challenges of onshore wind sites from coast to coast, including transportation and logistics, varied wind conditions and environments, electrical and power delivery requirements, and applicable IRA incentives.

The new US wind turbine was just launched at a conference in New Orleans, and it will hit the market in 2025.

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Photo: Siemens Gamesa

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