‘First signs of stabilisation’ in fuel supply, Shapps says – as he rejects criticism PM too slow to act

The first “very tentative signs of stabilisation” are being seen on petrol forecourts, the transport secretary has said, following days of long queues and closed pumps at some filling stations across the country.

Grant Shapps said the sooner people returned to their normal habits and stopped panic buying petrol and diesel, the sooner the fuel shortage crisis would ease.

“A lot of petrol is now being transferred into people’s cars and there are now the first very tentative signs of stabilisation in the forecourt storage which won’t be reflected in the queues as yet, but it’s the first time we’ve seen more petrol in the petrol stations itself,” he said.

“I think as the industry said yesterday the sooner we can all return to our normal buying habits, the sooner the situation will return to normal.”

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