‘I’m not hiding’: Defiant Zelenskyy reveals location in Kyiv

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he is “not hiding” and “not afraid of anyone” as he revealed his location in Kyiv.

In a defiant video message from his office on Bankova Street, he said he is staying there “as long as necessary” and his team is with him.

Mr Zelenskyy was previously reported to be in hiding but still somewhere in the Ukrainian capital, having refused to leave the country.

Russia hasn’t made notable advances, says US – latest updates on the Ukraine war

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Depot destroyed near Kyiv

“I stay here,” he said. “I stay in Kyiv. On Bankova Street. I’m not hiding. And I’m not afraid of anyone. As long as it’s necessary to win in our patriotic war.”

His official place of residence is the Mariinskyi Palace, located in the Pechersk district of Kyiv.

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More on Ukraine

Zelenskyy accuses Russia of violating humanitarian corridors

He also blasted Russian forces for having “no humanitarian sense” and destroying a bread factory in Makariv near Kyiv and a church in Zhytomyr region on Monday, adding: “These are NOT people.”

“There was an agreement on humanitarian corridors,” he continued.

“Did it work? Russian tanks worked instead. Russian ‘Grads’. Russian mines.”

He said Russian soldiers even mined the road which had been agreed to transport food and medicine for people and children in Mariupol – and destroyed buses that were supposed to help civilians evacuate.

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Analysis: Humanitarian corridors

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“At the same time, they are opening a small corridor to the occupied territory,” he said. “For several dozen people.

“Not so much to Russia, as to propagandists. Directly to their TV cameras. Like, that’s the one who saves. Just cynicism. Just propaganda. Nothing more.”

Russia has outlined another proposal for humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to leave five Ukrainian cities including Kyiv from 9am local time (7am GMT), according to Russian news agencies – but most of the routes would travel through Russia or Belarus, which Ukraine has previously rejected.

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‘Putin wants to destroy humanity’

‘We will insist on negotiations with Russia’

Turning to negotiations with Russia in Belarus on Monday, he said they were the “final” round but “we are realists”.

“We will talk,” he said. “We will insist on negotiations until we find a way to tell our people: this is how we will come to peace. Exactly to peace.”

He said the Ukrainian army is holding positions that are inflicting “extremely painful losses on the enemy” and praised Ukrainians for protesting against Russian forces.

“Every Ukrainian man and woman who protested against the invaders yesterday, today and will protest tomorrow are heroes,” he said.

“We shout at the invaders together with you. We stand in the squares and streets with you. We are not afraid with you when the invaders open fire and try to drive everyone away.”

“YOU do not back down. WE do not back down.”

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