Tesla increases prices throughout whole lineup, its cheapest electric car now starts at $47,000

Tesla has implemented big price increases throughout its entire vehicle lineup in an overnight update to its online configurator.

Its cheapest electric car, Model 3, now starts at $47,000.

We suspected it was coming after Elon Musk announced on Twitter that both Tesla and SpaceX were seeing significant inflation, but big prices increases on Tesla vehicles are now in place.

Tesla vehicles have seeing significant gradual price increases throughout the whole of 2021.

Things start calm in 2022, but last week Tesla implemented its first price increase of the year with a $1,000 extra for all of the vehicles equipped with long-range battery packs.

Now this new price update includes more significant price increases.

The Model 3 Rear-Wheel-Drive, Tesla’s cheapest vehicle, went up $2,000 today to $46,990:

The Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive got an increase in price by $2,500 to $54,500, but as previously mentioned, it also received a $1,000 increase just last week.

The Model 3 Performance also received a significant $3,000 increase to $61,990.

As for the Model Y, Tesla increased the base price by $2,000 to $62,990:

The Performance version of the electric SUV also received a $3,000 price increase to $67,990.

As for the flagship Model S and Model X, they were not spared in the wave of price increases.

The Model S now starts a4 $99,990 – an extra $5,000 over the previous price:

The performance version also received a $5,000 price increase.

Model X surprisingly stayed safe in many previous waves of price increases from Tesla, but not this time.

The electric SUV is seeing a price increase of $10,000 to now start at $114,990:

The Plaid version also saw a big price increase and now finally sales for more than the Model S Plaid which made no sense.

All those price increases throughout the lineup apply only to new orders being placed today and going forward. For most versions, Tesla is guiding a delivery timeline of at least a few months – up to the end of the year for the cheapest versions.

As we reported last week, Tesla is seeing a massive surge in orders recently that appears to be linked to the increased interest in electric cars due to the surge in gas prices.

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