Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week: A $4,000 Dandy Little Electric 2-Seater Car

I called it a 2-seater, but there’s a chance this dandy little electric car is built for just one rider. Even if so, it’s got enough charm to make up for its lack of utility. And I think we can eke out just enough awesomeness and weirdness from this vintage-inspired automobile to nestle it comfortably into this week’s edition of the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week!

In what has turned into my weekly ritual, diving into the depths of Alibaba’s odd and sundry electric vehicle catalog has seen me bob to the surface this time with what could possibly be Scrooge McDuck’s very own smart and trim set of fancy wheels.

But unlike some of my other vintage-inspired finds on China’s largest and weirdest shopping site, today’s adorable electric vehicle doesn’t pull any punches in the charm department.

This cute little cart hits us with an extra dose of suave allure, thanks to its open top fun-mobile design.

With a buggy front end and a dapper Chesterfield chair on back, this is basically a gentlemen’s cigar room on wheels.

The squeaking protest of the pleather upholstery will be the only thing snapping you back to reality as you slide into a simpler time and a more dangerous vehicle. Let’s be honest: the drum brakes aren’t exactly confidence inspiring. The last car I had with drum brakes was from the 60’s.

I guess it can’t be too dangerous though. The darn thing only gets up to 18 mph (30 km/h). At that speed, if an accident seems imminent and the brakes don’t work, you can practically just stand up and hop off.

And at a mere $4,000 for the car, replacing it with a new one won’t break the bank either. Buying the right ascot and smoking jacket to go with the car just might cost you more.

It certainly isn’t going to surprise you with its performance either. The 1.6 kW motor packs in a whole two horsepower. I’m pretty sure athletic cyclists can put out more power with their own two legs. The motor is described on the sales page as a “Separately Excited A.C.Motor”. That makes two of us, bud!

But these types of vehicles aren’t for setting track times, they’re for driving to the local cricket match. With the right top hat and the perfect suit, you’d be set to make a grand entrance right into high society.

I’m not sure how reliable the little bugger is though. But at least it only weighs 950 lb (430 kg). At that weight, if it ever breaks down you can just get a friend to help lift one end and roll the thing back home.

As much fun as it looks, I’m not sure I’ll be chomping at the bit to risky my own $4k on a bug-eyed debonair DeVille. I’ve put my skin in the game more than once and so far come away largely unburned, but I’m not sure how long I can keep that streak going.

If you actually end up buying one of these wacky EVs from Alibaba, it turns out that your mileage may vary.

But that shouldn’t stop anyone with a brave heart and a fat wallet from going on an adventure. If you do happen to pick up one of these silly little runabouts, let me know! We’ll go for a cruise.

And if you do actually break down, I’ll give you a tow back with my Alibaba electric truck.

Oh, and if you’re curious how this thing actually looks driving, my man below is happy to give you a peek.

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