REE Automotive unveils Class 3 box truck powered by its P7 electric chassis and REEcorners

Modular transportation developer REE Automotive has debuted the P7-B, a novel Class 3 box truck designed and built by REE to target the most in-demand vehicle type in the commercial segment. The truck sits atop REE Automotive’s P7 cab chassis and is powered by the company’s proprietary REEcorner technology.

REE Automotive ($REE) is an e-mobility solutions company headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, with additional offices in the UK and Germany. Last summer, REE announced a new US headquarters planned for Austin, which remains on track to open later this year.

The company specializes in developing and manufacturing modular EV platforms for B2B transactions as well as its REEcorner technology, which integrates all the traditional drive components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control) into the arch of the wheel.

In May, REE Automotive teased a walk-in electric van as part of a collaboration with JB Poindexter subsidiaries EAVX and Morgan Olson. This would become known as the Proxima electric van “powered by REE.” The van body was developed by EAVX and Morgan Olson and sits atop REE’s P7 modular electric chassis – which was first introduced in early 2022.

Following customer demonstrations with the Proxima collaboration, REE has introduced a second commercial EV – the P7-B box truck, which it designed and built itself.

REE’s P7-B box truck delivers 4,400-pound payload, 150-mile range

REE Automotive shared details of its new P7-B box truck as a part of a fleet of new electric commercial vehicles. These are available to prospective customers to evaluate and test in order to experience its performance and design, which includes REE’s novel REEcorner “x-by-wire” technology.

This truck is the second commercial EV to debut on the P7 chassis following the aforementioned Proxima Van, but it is the first to be entirely designed by REE. Although the company points out that it’s still mainly focused on developing and manufacturing its REEcorners and chassis’, it said it designed the box truck based on market demand using feedback from its prospective customers.

Even if it’s not the key focus of its current business strategy, delivering a bespoke electric truck adds another dimension to REE Automotive’s electrified commercial repertoire.

Contrary to the stripped chassis on the Proxima Van, the P7-B box truck utilizes REE’s cab chassis. The box itself is built by a UK subtractor, but customers interested in ordering the complete Class 3 truck are able to do so entirely through REE. Tali Miller, chief business officer at REE, spoke to the potential of the new box truck in an ever-popular commercial segment:

The on-track testing of this new EV truck and extensive customer evaluations are another crucial step on the road to commercialization and deployment of test fleets followed by scale adaptation in fleets. Feedback from our customers has been that this is the truck they have been waiting for – a driver-centric work truck that drives like a small car but is built to deliver under the harshest commercial duty cycle. Our modular P7 chassis allows us to design vehicles tailored to our customers’ needs and we are excited to be showing them what our unique technology affords their fleets as we support them on their path towards electrification and carbon neutrality.

Here are some of the specs those prospective fleet customers can expect to see with the REE P7-B box truck:

GVWR 14,000 lbs. / 6.4 tons
Payload Capacity 4,400 lbs. / 2,000 kg
Min. Load Floor Height 23 in / 58 cm
Cargo Volume 812 ft³ / 23 m³
Peak Motor Power 400V
Peak Torque 545 Nm
Platform Voltage 150 miles / 241 km
Turning Radius 19 ft / 6.0 m
Range 150 miles
Max Speed 75 mph / 120 km/h

Following the successful customer evaluations mentioned above, REE remains on track to begin P7 chassis production in 2023. The platform will support both previously announced commercial EVs and is expected to be built at REE’s European integration center in the UK as well as its North American integration center in Texas.

REE also provided some video footage of the P7-B truck on the track that we’ve shared below:

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