Watch a Chevy Silverado EV attempt to tow a 7,700 lb RV [Video]

The Chevy Silverado EV release is right around the corner, and in preparation, the automaker put its electric pickup to the test, towing a 7,700 lb RV. Here’s how it went down.

Pickup truck fans are gearing up for one of the most highly anticipated EV releases, with the Chevy Silverado EV set to arrive later this year.

The Silverado started as GM’s C/K Trucks top trim option, but after receiving a significant response, it received its own line and is now progressing into the future of automobiles as its due for an electric upgrade.

So far, Chevy has announced two models, the Work Truck (WT) and RST editions, with future variations (a potential Trail Boss model?) expected. The Silverado EV WT trim starts at $39,900 (+$1,695 DFC) with optional features, including up to 20,000 lb. towing capacity.

The Work Truck edition will be the first to debut in spring 2023 and will ride on GM’s Ultium platform. The first edition features 510 horsepower, 615 lb-ft of torque, 1,200 lbs of payload capacity, and 8,000 lbs towing capacity. In 2025, a Max Towing Package will upgrade towing for up to 20,000 lbs capacity.

In addition, buyers will have access to bidirectional charging abilities, which can be used to power up a work site or power tools with up to 10.2 kW of power.

Chevy Silverado WT towing test

Chevy had its 2024 Silverado EV WT tow a 7,700 lb. RV on a recent validation test to put its electric truck to the test and prepare for deliveries.

As you can see, the Silverado EV easily handles the extra weight. Nicole Kraatz, the vehicle’s chief engineer, says:

It’s so important for full size truck customers to be able to tow, haul and do everything they can do in a traditional pickup truck.

Chevy tested the electric truck at high and low speeds, concluding it’s a “smooth, controlled responsive truck” while towing.

The Silverado EV will face stiff competition, with the Ford F-150 Lightning continuing to gain momentum and others like Ram Trucks Revolution Concept revealed yesterday.

However, Chevrolet says over 170,000 people have already placed their reservations. It will be interesting to see how the electric truck market shapes over the next few years, with several highly anticipated releases.

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