This incredible Tesla Solar Roof earns the owner $350 per month

This Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall installation earns the homeowner $350 per month as part of a virtual power plant.

With this product, Tesla aims to offer a rooftop solar power option for new homes or homes that need a new roof soon.

If you need a new roof and want solar power, you can combine the two with sleek-looking solar tiles that serve as a roof and produce energy.

We have reported on some really cool Tesla Solar Roof installations over the years. It’s still a relatively new product that is expensive; therefore, it is often installed on bigger or more valuable homes – making for some impressive projects.

A few months ago, we reported on this massive 30 kW Tesla Solar Roof home – one of the biggest and most powerful solar roof installations we have seen to date.

Now we feature a new Tesla Solar Roof that is even more impressive, with over 60% more power.

The project was installed by Rising Sun Solar, one of Tesla’s main partners for solar roof and Powerwall installations in Hawaii.

It’s a massive 50 kW Tesla Solar Roof on the Big Island of Hawai‘i:

At 50 kW, this is venturing into the commercial solar scale. We can see here that Rising Sun Solar designed the system to squeeze in as many solar cells as possible.

In this picture, we can clearly differentiate between the regular tiles and the solar tiles. We can see that the firm managed to optimize the design where it looks like there could almost be more solar cells per section than with solar panels:

On top of the solar roof, the installation also includes six Tesla Powerwalls for a total of 81 kWh of energy storage.

Joti Mangat, Rising Sun Solar’s chief revenue officer, noted that the homeowner is using their new system as part of a virtual power plant that is earning them $350 per month:

Fun fact, the Swell Energy Home Battery Rewards VPP in partnership with Hawaiian Electric will earn this customer approx $350 per month in grid revenue, every month, for the next five years.

Swell Energy has launched several large-scale virtual power plants all over the US, with many of them primarily using Tesla Powerwalls.

In over five years, it will generate $21,000 for the homeowner. Of course, the entire Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall installation likely costs 10 times that, but it still makes a significant difference, especially when you consider that on top of getting money back from the grid, they are not paying for electricity anymore. Complete independence. They own their own power plant.

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