BLUETTI launches dust tight and water resistant portable power with AC60 and B80 units

Power supply experts BLUETTI has broken new ground with the water and dust resistant AC60 and B80. With up to 2,015wh of expanded power, it bring energy to never before seen terrain of beaches, snowy mountains, or crowded tents with messy kids. While many power supplies are plug-and-play, not many of them are as care-free and trusted as the new AC60 and B80 from BLUETTI.

In an industry that sees products growing ever larger BLUETTI has been innovating with stellar power supply products with user friendly features. Whether it’s their indoor/outdoor applications, or remote control power through the BLUETTI app, this company has the user in mind. One of the more common questions about these systems, is whether or not they are robust enough to handle real adventure.


  • Initial Capacity: 403wh
  • Extended Battery Capacity: 806wh
  • Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Size: 11.4 x 8.1 x 9.2 inches (AC60)
  • Structure: IP65 Rated (dust tight, water resistant)
  • Outlets: 7 total (2x AC Outlets, 1x USB-C, 2x USB-A, 1x 12vDC, Wireless Charging Pad)
  • Input: 600w Max (0-80% in 40 minutes)
  • Lifespan: >3000 Cycles

Rugged Power Supply

Power supplies are often sold as an accessory of for camping, RV, and outdoor use, but when the weather or circumstance don’t offer the ideal conditions, protection and sustained power are a must. Enter the BLUETTI AC60 portable power supply/generator, and the expandable battery,the B80. Both these systems are LiFePO₄ packs that are IP65 rated as water and dust protected. Specifically, the dust rating is classified as “dust tight” and the water rating protects from water projected from a nozzle.

On the beach, the compact size provides the perfect amount of power to last as long as the sunscreen to power a grill, music, phone, camera chargers or anything else the 7 outlets can handle at a peak of 1200w output. Out in the snow, the carry handle and low parasitic loss enable sustained energy despite the elements. In the most extreme conditions: inside a tent with rowdy kids, the upgraded internal structure, combined with the 6 year warranty provides peace of mind through the night.


The AC60 measures about the size of a shoebox, but still carries all input and output electronics, and 403wh of capacity. The B80 Extended battery adds 806wh, and can also act as a stand alone DC power supply for small devices. With 2x extended batteries, this water and dust resistant package can supply a total of 2,015wh, about four times the capacity of many eBikes.

Recharging the AC60 and B80 is a walk at the beach: charge from a regular outlet or generator in 1.2 hours, solar charge in 2.5 to 3 hours, or recharge from the car while you drive. Connecting units together will allow pass through charging at 45db or less, making for a quiet and easy experience in any environment.

See the gallery below or visit the following links to shop for a variety of power needs from BLUETTI:

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