Tory mayoral hopeful denies groping allegations

A man running to be the Conservative candidate for London mayor has denied allegations that he groped a woman “in the strongest possible terms”.

Daniel Korski is one of three people hoping to run against Sadiq Khan in next year’s election.

In an article for The Times, TV producer Daisy Goodwin alleged she was “groped” by Mr Korski a decade ago.

At the time, he was working as an adviser to then prime minister David Cameron.

In response, a spokesman for Mr Korski said: “In the strongest possible terms, Dan categorically denies any allegation of inappropriate behaviour whatsoever.”

Mr Korski was Mr Cameron’s deputy head of policy between 2013 and 2016, before working on the Remain side of the Brexit debate.

Ms Goodwin said she did not feel “frightened” at the time, and that she was “older, taller and very possibly wiser” than him.

But she says the #MeToo movement encouraged her to share her story without naming Mr Korski – and now she wants to publicise the alleged encounter as he is running for public office.

A series of hustings are taking place in the race to be the Conservative candidate for mayor of London.

Tory members will vote from 4 and 18 July on their preferred choice, with the winner announced on 19 July.

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