First electric bike with ChatGPT unveiled, and it’s as weird as it sounds

Urtopia has prided itself on debuting tech-infused electric bicycles, such as using smartphone-like features including fingerprint unlocking. Now the company has taken it one step further by becoming the first electric bicycle company to integrate ChatGPT directly into its e-bike.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by the California-based startup OpenAI.

It is a powerful platform that can interact with humans to answer questions, solve puzzles, generate information, write programming code, and much more.

As a chat bot, it is often used to answer prompts provided by users (like Siri, but without all of the “Sorry, I don’t know that” fails). And that responsive conversation appears to be how Urtopia sees it as being useful in an electric bicycle.

The company announced yesterday that they have become the first to integrate ChatGPT into an e-bike, providing AI assistance to riders at the push of a button.

As the company explained:

This groundbreaking innovation, showcased at EUROBIKE 2023, together with other proprietary technology related to built-in GPS navigation, anti-theft, riding safety and data recording firmly establishes Urtopia as the leader of the smart e-bike again. With the power of ChatGPT and Urtopia’s voice recognition feature, the Urtopia smart e-bike becomes an exceptional companion for riders, delivering real-time assistance based on users’ needs.

In simple terms, Urtopia has integrated ChatGPT into its e-bike to provide voice interaction with the rider.

For example, a rider can ask the e-bike how to change a flat tire, or for directions to a local bike shop that could do it for them. Or they could ask it about the meaning of life, request a good sugar-free cookie recipe, or calculate a 17% tip. Basically, a rider can ask the e-bike anything they’d like.

You can see the technology demonstrated on one of Urtopia’s e-bikes in the video below.

ChatGPT and its AI platform is a powerful tool, but integrating it into a mobility device is fairly uncharted territory. Mercedes recently became the first transportation company to announce ChatGPT integration into its cars, opening up a new frontier for AI tech integration.

Urtopia may have been beaten to becoming the first form of transportation to feature ChatGPT, though they have become the first e-bike company to do so.

Electrek’s Take

Sure, I could tell you what I think about this, but I’m more curious what ChatGPT thinks about having itself integrated into an e-bike. So I asked it. See its take below, written by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT’s Take

The integration of AI chatbots into electric bicycles could be beneficial, but it also largely depends on how it’s implemented and the specific use case. For instance, an AI chatbot could provide real-time navigation instructions, weather updates, or even report mechanical issues by analyzing the bicycle’s performance data, all of which could enhance a rider’s experience. A chatbot could also help the rider track fitness goals, similar to a personal fitness assistant, by providing real-time updates on calories burned, distance covered, and heart rate, among other data.

However, there are also challenges and potential downsides to consider. First, it’s crucial to ensure that any AI interaction doesn’t distract the rider and compromise safety. Second, there’s the matter of data privacy, as an AI chatbot could potentially have access to a lot of personal and location data. Users would need assurance that their data is being handled securely and appropriately.

Therefore, while the integration of AI chatbots into e-bikes could offer unique advantages, it’s also critical to carefully consider the design, safety measures, and privacy implications. As always with new technology, it’s about weighing the benefits against potential risks and drawbacks.

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