Volvo is going to turn used EV batteries into new battery storage

Volvo Energy and UK battery storage company Connected Energy today announced that they’ve signed a letter of intent to turn used Volvo EV batteries into new battery storage.

A second life for used Volvo EV batteries

The two companies are going to jointly develop a battery energy storage system with batteries recovered from Volvo’s electric buses, trucks, and machines.

EV batteries typically still have up to 80% of their original energy storage capacity when they reach the end of their optimal use. Connected Energy – in which Volvo Energy is already an investor – is already experienced in developing second-life battery energy storage systems. Its E-STOR system is used in the UK and Europe to support EV charging and back up microgrids and renewables.

Volvo Energy recently installed an E-STOR system at its facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, where it’s being used to test and review its response rate to the Swedish grid.

Development of the first prototype battery storage system using Volvo EV batteries is expected to begin later this year. Volvo Energy is aiming to commercially launch the systems in Europe in early 2025.

Electrek’s Take

This is great. We want to get to a point where all batteries are recycled, as a matter of course.

Electrification is the only way to go, but electrifying doesn’t mean creating a whole lot of waste. Every last bit of usefulness should be squeezed out of batteries to minimize environmental impact.

Every OEM needs a recycling partner. I’m optimistic that this is where we’re going to go.

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Photo: Volvo Trucks

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