Mother kidnaps and smuggles her eight children across US

A mother who allegedly kidnapped and smuggled her eight biological children across the US has been arrested.

Trisha Fullerton was spotted with six children in a car park in northern California by a passer-by who reported her “bizarre behaviour”.

The concerned citizen requested a welfare check on the kids.

Officers attended the scene on Saturday evening and found her vehicle, a Dodge pick-up truck filled with litter.

Trisha Fullerton kidnap Arkansas. Pic: Anderson Police Department/ Facebook
Where the pickup truck was spotted. Pic: Anderson Police Department

Trisha Fullerton kidnap Arkansas
The vehicle in which the alleged kidnappings took place. Pic: Anderson Police Department

A criminal records check revealed she was the subject of an arrest warrant for the abduction of eight children.

The 36-year-old is from Arkansas – some 2,000 miles away from where her and the children were spotted.

Authorities detained Fullerton and interviewed her about the whereabouts of the two remaining children.

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They were tracked down to a Californian residence and fetched by officers.

Fullerton is the biological mother of all eight children, and allegedly abducted them from their foster homes in Arkansas after she lost custody of them.

She was taken to Shasta County Jail while her kids were transferred to Shasta County Children and Family Services to be reunited with their guardians.

It remains unclear how long Fullerton was with her children following the alleged kidnappings.