Maine gunman identified as US army’s petroleum supply specialist – as police intensify manhunt

A gunman who shot dead 18 people in the US state of Maine has been identified as a US Army Reserve petroleum supply specialist.

Robert Card, who is still on the run, has over two decades of service and no prior overseas deployments, the army confirmed.

Maine police intensified their search on Thursday for the US Army reservist, following a deadly shooting incident that resulted in 18 deaths and 13 injuries at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston the previous night.

Card, holding the rank of sergeant 1st class, enlisted in December 2002, according to army officials.

State and local law enforcement have labelled Card, who had reportedly been under mental health care earlier in the summer, as a person of interest in the shooting.

A US official said the suspect was taken by police for evaluation after acting erratically at West Point in July.

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Authorities circulated photographs of a bearded man in a brown hoodie and jeans at one of the crime scenes, brandishing what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle in a firing position.

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In an extensive manhunt, law enforcement officers spread out across southern Maine armed with an arrest warrant for Card.

Police circulated images of a man, wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt and jeans, captured at one of the crime scenes, wielding what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle.

The US Army confirmed that Card, a sergeant and petroleum supply specialist in the Army Reserve, had never been deployed in combat since his enlistment in 2002.

The attacks began shortly before 7pm local time at the Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley, resulting in the deaths of one female patron and six males, according to police.

The ages of the victims were not provided. Shortly after, reports of another shooting at Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant, approximately three miles (5km) away, were received.

Police said that seven males were fatally shot at that location. Additionally, three victims, died in hospital.