Chrysler confirms its next new model will be an all-electric crossover

It’s official. The next model from Chrysler will be a purely electric crossover in 2025. Chrysler CEO Christine Fuell confirmed the news of its first EV on Wednesday.

Chrysler is moving into a new chapter with its first all-electric model due out in 2025. Chief designer Ralph Gilles previously said Chrysler’s first EV would take the brand in a new direction.

Gilles took over as head designer for several Stellantis brands, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Maserati, in January 2021.

Despite overseeing major projects, including Ram’s first electric pickup and the Dodge Charger SRT EV, Gilles says he is most excited about Chrysler’s first EV. Although the brand said it would go all-electric by 2028, Chrysler has yet to reveal an all-electric model.

The brand showed us what it could look like with the Airflow EV. Yet, Gilles claims the concept was “just the beginning.”

Under CEO Chris Feuell’s vision, who took over in September 2021, the concept was “evolving in a new direction,” according to Gilles.

Chrysler Airflow Graphite concept (Source: Stellantis)

Chrysler confirms electric crossover coming in 2025

Although Chrysler’s first EV may not look exactly like the Airflow, it will include many features shown in the concept. For example, the Airflow concept included advanced infotainment and connectivity, level 3 assisted driving, and more, which are still being developed.

Meanwhile, Feuell confirmed that Chrysler’s first EV will be an electric crossover. At the Reuters Events Automotive USA 2023 conference, Feuell said the brand’s first EV will be a two-row electric crossover in 2025.

Chrysler Airflow EV concept interior (Source: Stellantis)

The crossover’s design is inspired by the Airflow concept and will share the STLA Large platform with other Stellantis EV models.

The Airflow was based on Chrysler’s RU platform, used for the Pacifica hybrid, but the STLA platform will offer improved capabilities.

Despite this, Chrysler seems to be backtracking on its commitment to go “all-electric by 2028.” Feuell said the company expects to continue offering its hybrid Pacifica “through the end of the decade.”

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