‘Crap parents’ behind struggling children, MP claims

A Conservative MP has claimed that most children who struggle in his town are the “products of crap parents”.

James Daly, the Tory MP for Bury North, made the claim while speaking to the i newspaper.

He was first elected in 2019 as an MP for the area. Bury North has swapped between Labour and the Conservatives since 1997.

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James Frith, the Labour MP who Mr Daly unseated, is aiming to win the seat back at the election set to be called next year. The current majority is just 105.

Mr Daly is a member of the “New Conservatives” group, which includes the likes of Lee Anderson, Jonathan Gullis, Danny Kruger and Miriam Cates.

He worked as a lawyer before entering parliament.

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Speaking to the i, Mr Daly said: “I think New Conservatives represent very much working-class conservatism.

“We’re not a strange right-wing sect. It’s just people who want to give people the best chance to succeed and thrive in life.

“When you think about the family, it’s about stability.

“Most of the kids who struggle in Bury are the products of crap parents and so what do we do to try to address that issue?

“On the left it would just be we’ll throw money at this and hope something sticks, somebody like me thinks about this more fundamentally.”

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Mr Frith said: “It is revealing to see how little James Daly thinks of his own constituents.

“Rather than insulting the parenting skills of people in Bury, he should look closer to home.

“Over the last 13 years the Conservatives have failed to grow our economy, protect our public services or provide opportunities for young people in Bury and across the UK.”

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