Suspected gunman barrricaded in home after ‘shooting 13-year-old sister, stepmother and ex-partner’

Residents of a small town near Philadelphia have been urged to stay inside and a St Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled as police reported “several gunshot victims” in the area.

The shootings happened in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, about 28 miles from Philadelphia.

Middletown Township police said: “It is unknown at this time if they are targeted or random”.

The shelter-in-place order was issued at around 9.30am local time (1.30pm GMT).

“This is a fluid situation and we are asking the community to take some precautions,” Middletown Township police said.

“Do NOT travel to Falls Township until further notice. If you live in areas that border Falls, you should shelter in place until further notice.”

A shopping mall has been told to close until further notice, while the area’s Target store has chosen to shut as well.

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Brian Fitzpatrick, who represents the wider Bucks County area in the House of Representatives, said in social media posts that there had been “a carjacking and a shooting in two sections of Falls Township”.

He said he was “in touch with law enforcement officials as they pursue the suspect”.

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